The Public Domain Reports Resale Rights Certificate



Would You Like A Resale Rights Certificate
and Sales copy / Webpage for The Public Domain Reports?


We can offer you a Resale Rights Certificate signed by David Vallieres which will authorize you to resell his 10 Public Domain Reports in the same way that we are.


When you place your $29.77 order for David's 10 Public Domain Reports through our website, you will be presented with the opportunity to upgrade to one of two resale rights packages as follows:



1. Resale Rights To The Public Domain Reports

 David Vallieres Public Domain Reports Resale Rights Certificate

You will be able to sell these
reports and keep 100%
of the profits

You will receive a webpage and
sales copy very similar to the
one at
which you can upload to your
own domain name and server
and sell these reports from

You will receive a .pdf file
Resale Rights Certificate
signed by David Vallieres authorizing you to do so

You WILL NOT be able to resell the rights to sell these reports to others (we hold a Master Resale Rights certificate, which is what authorizes us to sell you the Resale Rights, but we cannot confer upon you the Master Resale Rights)



2. Master Resale Rights To The Public Domain Mastermind

The Public Domain Mastermind is a 1hr 28min recording of a teleconference conducted in April 2005 by the internet's three leading Public Domain Experts: David Vallieres, James Jones, and Russell Brunson. We sell this here for $47.


You will receive the $47 teleseminar as well as
a full written transcript of it in .pdf format

You will be able to sell it yourself for $47
and keep 100% of the profits

You will receive a webpage and sales copy
very similar to the one at which you can
upload to your own domain name and server
to sell it from

You will receive a Master Resale Rights
authorizing you not only to resell
it, but also to resell the Resell Rights to others

The Public Domain MastermindThe Public Domain Mastermind Transcript




3. Private Label Master Resale Rights To "Create Your Own Ebook Without Ever Writing A Word"

- This is a $197 Value -


What does "Private Label Rights" mean?

It means you will not only get the rights to sell this e-book in it's PDF format to end users, and keep 100% of the profits...



You will also get the Microsoft Word Document source files to this e-book

Having the Word Doc source files will allow you to private label this product in anyway that you wish. This means:

You can list yourself as the author

You can change the contents in anyway you wish, change the title of the book, add chapters, add links back to your own website

You will receive a webpage and sales copy and full website graphics to match the ecover graphic you see at right. You will be able to upload this to your own domain name and server to sell this book from

I will even allow you to re-sell the Private Label Master Resale Rights, and MS Word Document to others just as I am to you here!

Create Your Own eBook Private Label Rights



4. Master Resale Rights To Web Audio Plus

 Web Audio Plus

Many internet marketers extol the virtues of adding an audio message to your webpage as a means of making your offer more personal and building confidence with your website visitors. Web Audio Plus sells for $37 over at, and that's the "personal use only" version.


With this offer I am not only giving you your own copy of Web Audio Plus, I will also give you Full Master Resale Rights to not only resell it, but to pass on the resale rights to others. Now you can add audio to your web site and:

Record high-quality Macromedia Flash files

Record using your computer-with no need to buy
expensive equipment

Let your customers hear you without having to download special programs

Let customers hear personal testimonials

Sell this product and keep 100% of the profits. You will receive a webpage and sales copy very similar to the one at which you can upload to your own domain name and server to sell it from



5. All 4 of Michael Rasmussen's Best-Selling Internet Marketing eBooks

- This is a $143 Value -


Michael sells all 4 of these books from his own sites for $47.97 each!


You will already receive eBook Marketing Revealed as a free bonus when you order the $29.77 Public Domain Reports.


With the upgrade, we will also give you:


Ezine Marketing Magic - $47.97

as sold at


How To Start Your Own Highly Profitable Membership Site - $47.97

as sold at


Search Engines Revealed - $47.97

as sold at


This is an additional $143 value, but these are for your personal use only - you DO NOT have resale rights for them.





This is an additional $474 value for a mere $47, or...


Only $27 for all of the above... without "The Public Domain Mastermind"



but there is one condition:


Unlike the $29.77 Public Domain Reports which are covered by a full money back guarantee, the $47 or $27 upgrade options to the Resale and Private Label Rights are Non-Refundable!


As you are receiving 4 resale rights packages, two certificates and the source Word document, the value is simply too great to allow profiteers to ask for their money back on everything and yet still keep the rights certificates and files. This is only fair, wouldn't you agree?


This is why we are only including the resale rights package as an upgrade and not a stand-alone product. You will need to return to the homepage and order the standard 10 Public Domain Reports with "personal use only" rights first. Once your payment is approved, you will instantly be able to download your reports and will be presented with the $47 and $27 upgrade options - which are also all instant downloads once your upgrade payment has been approved.


I am making this offer available at this price as at 24-Oct-2005. This is a price trial and is the cheapest it will ever be. I plan to test higher price points over the coming weeks, so I suggest you lock in this offer by ordering it today to avoid the disappointment of a higher price later.



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